Lee Brentzell is a Bulimba mum of two who has been blazing a trail towards successful digital education in Brisbane schools. Starting off as a volunteer parent for the P&C Association of Bulimba State School, Lee has successfully established the “Micromakers” program, a six-week course which teaches students in Years 4 and 5 introductory coding and technology.

This introductory course has been so successful that she has also set up an intermediate course which also includes inspirational mentoring from parents and industry leaders, as well as a hackathon for skills application. At Bulimba State School, spinning off from Lee’s efforts to teach students how to code, the librarian has even started a massively popular CodeClub, which meets at lunchtime.

Today, Lee’s program is being run in a cluster of seven schools in Brisbane. She has also served as the mentor to five students who have created an environmental awareness-themed educational game app for the “TechGirls are Superheroes” competition.

Lee has been chosen as one of Advance Queensland’s Community Digital Champions for 2016. As a parent, engineer and now, STEM ambassador, Lee’s efforts to inspire kids and their families to be tech-ready include sharing her expertise and experience to help create a successful STEM program for schools, and helping them build on their current technology education platforms.

This year, Lee is active in developing Bulimba State School’s “Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow” program and will continue to offer her Micromakers courses, along with 3D Design and robotics courses, as extra-curricular activities, while working for their inclusion into the school curriculum.

Lee continues to run information sessions about cyber-safety, coding and accessing useful resources, for the benefit of parents and educators. She has also helped in making available some opportunities for the professional development of educators and additional resources for parents to learn from, whilst their children also learn.

With a mum like Lee Brentzell championing the cause of digital education, the term “home-school partnership” has certainly taken on a whole new meaning.

Photo Credit : http://godigitalqld.dsiti.qld.gov.au/LeeBrentzell